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Psychedelic Twin-Stick Arcade Shooter Nidus is Out Now on Steam

A celestial flower blooms, as a vicious wasp protects. Complete their entwined symbiotic life cycle in a realm crawling with hunger!

Indie game developer Caleb Wood today announced that his visually stunning hand-animated twin-stick arcade shooter Nidus is available now on PC via Steam for $8.99 / £7.49 / €8.79, with a special 20% discount for its first 5 days on sale. Experience the fusion of striking visuals and dynamic gameplay in this stunning arcade experience.

In Nidus, players immerse themselves in a captivating world where a celestial flower and its protective wasp unite for intense, fast-paced action. Mastering their symbiotic bond will be key for players to overcome waves of enemies and conquer the challenging bosses. With the wasp’s close-quarter combat skills and the flower’s supportive abilities, players must strategically unite to progress through the game’s challenges solo or with a friend.

Nidus Features:

  • Unique Symbiotic Combat System: Use the celestial flower’s supportive abilities while slicing through the swarm with the wasp, working in unison to complete their natural life cycle.
  • Surreal Hand Drawn Animation: Immerse yourself in an absorbing, stunningly hand-rendered realm filled with strange and dangerous creatures.
  • Skin Crawling Bosses: Fight your way through hordes of challenging enemies and encounter nightmarish bosses with exalted higher forms.
  • Dualistic Upgrade System: Evolve your flower for defense, or wasp for attack to grow in unison and defy the odds.
  • 20-30 Minute Runs: Try new gameplay tactics and vary your path through the upgrade system to beat your top score and compete in the worldwide competitive leaderboard.
  • Solo or Local Co-op: Master the symbiotic combat system alone or with a friend via local or remote play.
NIDUS – Gameplay Trailer
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