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Pyrene is an upcoming deckbuilding roguelike game that is being developed by a mini studio Two Tiny Dice Games, which are known for their first card game, FORWARD: Escape the Fold. The game will be published by Canadian Indie Asylum, and will be released in 2024. In it, you will need to defeat a legendary Evil, while collecting powerful artefacts, relics and spells for your heroes.


In Pyrene you move with your hero card through different zones, much like rooms in roguelike action games. You will encounter Danger Zones, where you cannot move over empty spaces, so you must plan your movement accordingly to not lose all your health. When you will move on an enemy, a confrontation will occur, and both you and your enemy will attack – you inflict as much damage as you have Health Points. If your HP drop to zero, you will lose the expedition, so you will have to watch out and strategise your moves. When you kill an enemy, it leaves behind a Loot Card, and the more powerful was the enemy, the better the loot will be. As you will Spend the Night in the Danger Zone, new enemies will appear on the board until you will reach the Votive Altar. The effect of it is to clear the zone and restore all your Health Points – after that you can move freely in cleared zones. When you finish an expedition, you complete a quest, and after that a new quest will appear.

When you are in a Safe Zone, you are able to modify your equipment deck and your equipment cards will be drawn in next Danger Zones, which are a mix of your equipment cards and enemy cards. You are able to reorder your cards in the deck, as they will appear in the next Danger Zones according to their order. If you die in a Danger Zone, you will return back to the Village. There are various buildings in the Village, which you will need to rebuild. That will be done with the help of Wood that you will gather on your expeditions. Buildings feature the like of a Workshop, a Tavern, a Market, et cetera. In the Watchtower, you will be able to choose the Relics that you will take on your next expeditions. You will also find new Relics in treasure chests upon clearing the Danger Zones.

Pyrene looks and plays very promising, at least from what I have encountered, and I cannot wait to head into its full release when… it will be released. The exact launch date has not been revealed yet, all we know thus far is that it is coming out this year. Looking forward to playing it!

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