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Raccoo Venture

Raccoo Venture is a 3D platforming game, based on exploration, secrets and collecting various collectables. It was developed by Diego Ras and published by QUByte Interactive on the 14th December 2023. Start it up and get ready to get nostalgic!


Raccoo Venture is a 3D platformer that is supposed to bring us the nostalgia of the 90s. It was made with Unity, and in the beginning it shows you basic controls, which are moving, jumping and stomping. Ass-stomping, to be exact. The premise of the game is that the Venture chess set, which is keeping order and balance in the world, disappeared. It has been the most valuable relic of Raccoo’s family for generations, and now it is his, basically yours, task to find it and get it back. You quickly learn how to grab and throw things – mushrooms act like grenades and they will explode when hitting the target. Through your exploration you will be gathering coins and various collectables, and each time you will die, fifty coins will be deducted from your coin balance. After completing three levels, the first boss battle with Trinca Tronca will commence. When you beat him, he drops a chess piece and flees, so the battle is not completely finished just yet. Next, you go from Aurora to Luma region where another batch of levels lies ahead of your adventuring. I forgot to mention before, but from time to time you can bet coins at this big bird, named Astuto Penacio, and the grand prize is a thousand coins – you need to select three chess symbols, one match gives you 75, two matches 200, and three matches a 1000 coins. Best of luck with your betting!

Raccoo Venture definitely has you thoroughly exploring the worlds and finding all the hidden collectables, which is not the easiest of tasks. There is some puzzle solving featured in the game as well, and you can find a lot of new outfits for Raccoo to customize it the way you want to. The game definitely has 1990s vibes like it promises, and that is shown by its pretty fun level designs and also by the gameplay mechanics it uses. It is a fun and playful game that only occasionally suffers a hiccup or two, when you die by not landing a jump because of the camera angle. Preventing chaos from returning to Verta will not be easy, as there are plenty of enemies for you to encounter, that are spread through numerous levels of frolicking around as the raccoon hero. Raccoo Venture is quite an achievement, with the fact that it has been developed by a single person.

Game’s gameplay mechanics work well, the only problem I had from time to time was with the fixed camera angle, which made me not to land a jump successfully and succumb to death. Otherwise it looks pretty good, so I recommend it to everyone who wishes to remember what platforming was like three decades ago.


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