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Randy & Manilla Out Now on Steam in Early Access

Independent development one-man studio Ofihombre has announced that Randy & Manilla is now available on Steam in Early Access.

The game is also available on but, unfortunately, it isn’t released on GOG due to a lack of response or agreement from the store administrators.

The Early Access version includes over 30 levels distributed across 7 distinct Net-Cubes, featuring 9 different mechanic types such as 3D Platformer and Arcade, along with 6 challenging boss battles and a soundtrack comprising over 70 original compositions.

Randy & Manilla immerses players in a quantum cyber-universe filled with Net-Cubes hosting diverse virtual worlds, echoing the styles of ‘Wreck-It Ralph’ and ‘Ready Player One’. Set in the post-apocalyptic year 2142, the game explores a vibrant yet precarious realm created by Lambert Wilson.

In a realm devoid of typical threats, the nefarious Cracksom Virus poses a dire risk, targeting the cyber-universe for corruption and deletion. Aligned by the messaging algorithm E-Mailer, Randy and Manilla utilize their special programming to counter Cracksom’s influence, undertaking a mission across Net-Cubes to prevent the cyber-world’s demise.


  • Multi-genre game containing gameplay styles of all kinds: 2D/3D Platformer, RPG, FPS, Racing, Puzzle…
  • Inspired by Wreck-It Ralph, Disney’s homage to the universe of video games.
  • Play as Randy or Manilla as you travel through the cyber-universe with plenty of colourful Net-Cubes.
  • Project to be completed by 2025.
Randy & Manilla – 3 min Gameplay Preview
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