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RC Revolution

RC Revolution is an arcade racing game developed by Swiss Phren Games. It is their debut title, and in it you race with radio-controlled cars. The game was self-published on Steam on the 16th of February 2024. It promises an “electrifying world” of RC car racing, but does it really deliver?


The developers of RC Revolution aimed for an Early Access launch of the game, but various things prevented that, so they will be adding new features to the game with it being completely released. They are fuelled by love for racing games and RC cars, so this game should be fun to play, right? Weeell… When you start a new game, you are able to choose between different types of cars. Well, kind of. There are seventeen cars available in five different vehicle classes – Buggy, Truggy, Monster, Crawler, and Drift – but you have to unlock them, so you are stuck with Mr. Boost until you do so. You can also choose between Standard, Matte, Metallic, and other paints for your car, but not until you have enough points gathered. So there is really not much to do, except race, so let us do that! There are twenty-one track variations available, and you can achieve 500 points in each, at least it seems like it, but I might be wrong. I actually am wrong, because I was receiving 900 points for every race, so I do not know what that “500” means. The steering of your car is quite wobbly, as it seems like the wheels have no traction at all. The game is still playable, but you will definitely need some time to get used to it. As far as jumps go, I recommend avoiding them, because you will never land your car perfectly. The AI cars seem weird as well, as some will need ten minutes more than you to finish a track. What is up with that?

The checkpoints that are shown throughout tracks are useless and not needed at all, too. There is only one, tedious, song available during races, and you quickly get fed-up with it. On top of racing, there are also a Stunt mode, a Free Drive mode, and Boosters mode available. A Gauntlet mode is present as well, but it is virtually unplayable, so it is not worth your time. Speaking of time, a Time Attack mode will be added in the next updates, and for now, you can play RC Revolution in Split Screen mode, if you would like to play it with a friend. There should be a Track Editor available as well, but it did not want to load in my case, so I have no idea what is up with that feature.

In conclusion, I am not even sure what to actually say. RC Revolution is playable, but it is not really a good racing game. If you really have to buy it, I recommend playing only regular races, but they do not represent any challenge whatsoever. You should probably just stick with playing Re-Volt.


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