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Read Only Memories: NEURODIVER hits PC and Consoles Today (Finally)!

The long-awaited followup to 2064: Read Only Memories is finally available to download to your cerebral cortex.

This is not a drill – indie publisher Chorus Worldwide and developer MidBoss are delighted to announce (after much delay) that retro cyberpunk mystery adventure Read Only Memories: NEURODIVER is available today for PC via Steam, PlayStation 5, Xbox One (X/S Compatible) and Nintendo Switch.

Read Only Memories: NEURODIVER – Launch Trailer

“Just” five years after its initial announcement, the long-awaited followup to the critically acclaimed 2064: Read Only Memories will finally bring fans back to the vibrant streets of Neo-San Francisco filtered through a 16-bit lens. Boasting an all-new story, Read Only Memories: NEURODIVER introduces fans to a new cast of characters… as well as some returning favourites!

Join ES88, a young esper, as she works to uncover a dark secret lurking in Neo-San Francisco. Employed by MINERVA, a powerful organization specializing in information science, neurotechnology, and extrasensory phenomena, ES88 has been tasked with tracking down the mysterious psychic entity known as Golden Butterfly, who has been hiding in and fragmenting the memories of Neo-San Francisco’s citizens. Who are they? Why are they doing this? And how will you stop them?

Your ticket to Neo-San Francisco is available on PC via Steam, PlayStation 5, Xbox One (S/X Compatible) and Nintendo Switch for $14.99 / €14.79 / £12.79.

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