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‘Reality Break’ Featured in Steam Next Fest; Releasing Q3 2024

Rewrite the Universe and Amass Loot in a Fast-Paced ARPG Roguelite.

Check out the new demo (available now!) for the space looter action shooter Reality Break which is to be showcased during Steam Next Fest from June 10th to June 17th. Break reality to choose your path while shooting and looting when Reality Break releases Q3 2024 for PC.

In Reality Break, you’re a mercenary who unwittingly becomes imbued with the power to alter reality and finds themselves thrown into a chaotic maelstrom where sinister forces attempt to stop them at every turn.

Use the Rewrite mechanic to change the fundamental nature of the gameplay: resize a weapon to fit your ship, upgrade items to unlock fantastic powers, increase the difficulty, add time to a ticking clock, and more! But do you have what it takes to stop those who know your next move before you even know it yourself?


  • Brand new Rewrite mechanic that alters the fundamental nature of the gameplay.
  • Diablo-inspired ARPG gameplay with multiple tiers of deep build customization.
  • Opt-in roguelite structure inspired by Dead Cells that allows you to reset your timeline and unlock rule-breaking Talents.
  • Tons of loot to collect, try, and modify to suit your needs.
  • An evolving storyline full of mysterious adversaries and shocking secrets that transform the game’s very nature.
Gameplay Reveal Trailer – Reality Break
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