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Rediscover Your Love for Dinosaurs in Hidden-objects Sequel “There’s No Dinosaurs 2”

The game is a direct sequel to the very positively received “There’s No Dinosaurs” released earlier this year.

Error300 is thrilled to announce the release of their anticipated sequel “There’s No Dinosaurs 2”. The game builds on the success of the original game, “There’s No Dinosaurs”, as their new installment takes what made the original great and brings in new worlds to explore.

“There’s No Dinosaurs 2″ features an entirely new set of hand-drawn levels, each unique to the sequel. Players must locate a collection of dinosaurs just as in the previous entry, with the thrill of a timer to challenge themselves as they reach for their top score. The game’s charming art style and intuitive controls ensure it remains accessible to players of all ages and skill levels.

Hopefully the sequel remains as charming and relaxing as their first entry. The game is as usual all about uncovering hidden objects, in this case dinosaurs, amongst cluttered environments.

While the gameplay remains similar to its predecessor, the new game features 9 new locations, including a farm, library and even a theater. With tons of cute dinosaurs to discover, this is sure to be another relaxing and fun adventure for all ages.

Key features:

  • Cute cartoon art-style.
  • Discover unique dinosaurs.
  • New environments to explore.
  • Hint system.

“There’s No Dinosaurs 2” will be available on Nintendo Switch on the 13th of June, and Steam the 20th of June. The game will also feature a free demo available on Steam coming this May on the 31st.

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