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Refuse Death & Call Upon The Fallen in Deathbound

Experience a new direction for the souls-like genre during Steam Next Fest.

Delve into a bold new take on the souls-like genre with the exclusive Steam Next Fest demo for Deathbound. Brazilian developer Trialforge Studio and publisher Tate Multimedia invite players to bind with the essence of fallen warriors and confront the horrors of Ziêminal starting on February 5th. Only the bravest of heroes will overcome this brutal world where Life and Death were never more conflicted.

Deathbound – Steam Next Fest Demo Teaser (2024)

Deathbound is an action RPG souls-like set within a fearsome reality where Faith and Science clash. The Steam Next Fest demo plunges players onto the lower streets of Akratya, a well-worn battleground taken by the Church of Death and gruesome creatures. Towards the end of the road lies the Impending Truth, a callous boss born from the essencemancers’ experiments. The road ahead cannot be forged alone. Players must call upon the fallen warriors of Ziêminal for their impending crusade.

In a twist not found elsewhere in the genre, players will absorb the essences of fallen warriors found throughout their journey in order to harness unique powers and abilities. Deathbound offers the ability to craft catered playstyles through its 4-hero party system, where players can dynamically transform, swapping between characters seamlessly. The conflicts and synergies between the fallen warriors greatly impacts gameplay, so relationships must be balanced in order to survive.

The Steam Next Fest demo features five playable characters, all with their own unique abilities and skill sets.

  • Raise steel as noble Therone Guillaumen, the right hand of Goddess Death.
  • Spear the hearts of the Death Soldiers as Iulia Tchevlaskia, a Cult of Life Freedom Fighter.
  • Put brute force on display as Agharos of Meriva, the closed fist of the Archduke.
  • Wield unrelenting magic as Olivia Heinz, chancellor to the King of Krulezgon.
  • Strike from the shadows as Anna Lepus, the disenchanted assassin.

When on the brink of defeat, players can utilize a precise Morphstrike to turn the tide of battle and gain victory against an unyielding enemy. Morphstrikes are executed by the combined powers of all the absorbed fallen, and can be the deciding factor between life and death.

Refuse death and embrace the great city of Akratya. Ahead of the 2024 launch, players will be able to experience a glimpse of Deathbound with the exclusive Steam Next Fest demo starting February 5th. Create an unbreakable synergy by wishlisting Deathbound on Steam.

Key Features:

  • The Essence – Gain the skills, memories and identities of fallen warriors throughout the world. Combine their unique personalities and combat styles and switch between them seamlessly.
  • Binding System – The essences you absorb form your party. Deathbound features a robust party system that allows you to craft a playstyle through talent trees. Switch between fallen warriors to harness their skills and abilities. Each party member’s affiliation in life will affect their synergy in death.
  • Dynamic Morphing – Unleash the combined powers of fallen warriors with devastating Morphstrikes. Utilize different attack styles to pull off powerful combinations and finishing blows to defeat all who oppose you.
  • Brutal World – Ziêminal is a world that mixes a technological past and a medieval present, home to diverse cultures. The city of Akratya is rich in lore and dangers. Explore a city falling into ruin under the shadow of a grand crusade. With its imposing brutalist architecture and melding of technology, it’s a city bound for oblivion.
  • Unforgiving Monsters and Bosses – Face challenging enemies crafted to push you to your limits. Their very nature is based on the five stages of grief, with each new encounter commanding the attention of any soul who dares face them.
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