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Retro Downscroller Roguelike UDO drills away on Switch and Steam February 1st

A frenzied, precision-focused pixel art roguelike downscroller awaits those who accept the challenge of drilling down the layers of a mysterious planet on behalf of UDO Corporation.

UDO, a new 2D Downscroller Roguelike, developed by Blue Firefly Games and published by Short N Sweet, is arriving on Switch and Steam on February 1st, bringing up a 2D Pixel Art hardcore challenge focused on gameplay precision and quick reactions; a quirky corporate sense of humor; and dozens of different ways to drill down – and die – in a hostile, mysterious, ever-changing planet.

The game has players embodying a simple, honest worker at UDO Corp, a giant mining company that is exploring this mysterious, dangerous planet. As they venture down the depths of the planet’s four ecosystems with their giant drill, they face increasingly difficult dangers. And if they die, which they will (a lot), UDO Corp has an easy solution: just hire one more worker like that and call it a day!

This sets up the roguelike loop that drives the pixel-perfect, skill-centric precision downscrolling platforming gameplay challenges that players will face in UDO. Debuting Brazilian developer Blue Firefly crafted a polished, non-complex, deep game loop that engages from start to end in short spurts of fun, challenging players to put in a good amount of effort to master its difficult levels in order to advance.

Key Features

  • The only way is down: Unique fast-paced Downscrolling bouncing core mechanics. Master your drill’s mechanics to blast your way down into the creepy hole in a rare down-scroller game format. You’ll be amazed at how much different stuff you can do with it.
  • JUICY, JUICY, Roguelike: Enjoy super tight and rewarding gameplay as you unlock perks and extra powers for your character and drill through 4 Ever-shifting Worlds with randomly generated levels in meticulously crafted Roguelike loop, upgrades and progression.
  • Beloved meets the new: UDO brings a familiar retro pixel art roguelike style with an unique easy to learn, hard to master gameplay mechanic, 18 Different character skins and a crudely funny corporate storyline.
  • Lotsa stuff: Make each run unique by choosing between different suits and upgrades to shape your playstyle. 36 gameplay-altering Skills, 5 equipments that change the way the player drills and interact with the environments to discover and master.
UDO | Official Trailer
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