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Retro-Inspired ‘Dead End City’ On Steam Challenges You To Survive A Post-Apocalyptic Hardcore Shooter!

Indie game developer and publisher Pixel Licker LLC is proud to announce the Steam release of Dead End City, a mesmerizing and fast-paced hardcore vertical shooter in true retro-style challenging you to survive in a post-apocalyptic wasteland! Your need for speed is guaranteed as you drive a heavily armed Chariot on a mission to rescue your loved ones from the evil Scorpio gang, who has conquered what little is left of humanity.

Dead End City Update 1.1

Dead End City tells the story of a civilization that has fallen; the few remaining survivors are now living in the shadow of a gang of post-apocalyptic punks called Scorpio. Your oasis was raided, and your loved ones carried off to Scorpio’s main stronghold. With nothing left to lose, you head out onto the open road, armed to the teeth and ready to fight through their territory to bring an end to their reign.

Dead End City is a vertical shooter bringing back fond memories of classic games such as Spy Hunter and Galaga. Fans of action-packed games will embrace the fast-paced fun rendered in a modern contemporary environment. To survive the game, you must maintain a steady fuel level as you drive and shoot your way through the 5 occupied territories of Scorpio: tear through their ranks with bullets, fire, lasers and more using 5 unlockable vehicles, each with their own unique playstyle. Hone your skills and your score as you liberate the world from the oppressive hand of Scorpio.


  • “Topoff” Mode – Collect enough fuel to overfill your tank and your normal shot powers up. Hitting enemies during “Topoff” builds your score multiplier.
  • Sub Weapons – Collect ammo to unleash your sub-weapon and tear through enemies, spawn pickup items and rack up points.
  • Arcade Mode – 5 areas to conquer. Each area includes a road section, a stronghold, and a boss.
  • Score Attack Mode – Practice playing each territory to hone your skills and your score.
  • Leaderboards – Local offline and Steam Leaderboards for each character type and mode.
  • Unlockables – Each play earns Shop Points that can be used to unlock extras.

Dead End City is also available on all major consoles, courtesy of Eastasiasoft!

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