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Reus 2 has an updated release date planned for May 28th

To celebrate Earth Day, Reus 2 is currently featured on the Steam Earth Appreciation Festival and offers a free demo during the whole event. The game also got an update for the release date and will be pushed to May 28th, 2024 to offer more comfort to the development team.

Reus 2 – Reveal Trailer

In Reus 2, players control giant godlike creatures with their unique biomes associated with them (taiga, rainforest, ocean, etc), shaping planets and setting human aspirations at their own pace, without a timer. Their actions will guide and inspire humanity: leaders, inventions, buildings, choices of development, and more will depend on the players’ nature. As humanity evolves, players will decide whether to support their aspirations or create challenges. If they are not satisfied with the result, they can always start a new humanity.

Reus 2 offers strategic planning and replayability with diverse ecosystems and organisms. Players will search for combinations of giants and environments that produce unique results, breathing life into planets with various inhabitants and shaping humanity’s fate. Studio Abbey Games is using its long-time expertise with the god game genre (Reus, Godhood) to polish this sequel and take the genre forward.

Reus 2 will be launched on May 28th for PC and Mac via Steam.

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