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Ride into Fast-Paced Action in This Upcoming New Blend of Genres

Hoverboarding Roguelite Adventure OVERRIDER Launches Demo and Kickstarter.

Dreamteck, a Sofia-based studio, launches a Steam demo and a Kickstarter campaign for their new movement-based hoverboarding roguelite, OVERRIDER. The team asks for 30,000 EUR to polish and expand the experience.

Your only weapon against an ongoing robot onslaught is your hoverboard. Hop in the shoes of Vihra, a young runaway mechanic, and venture into the remains of a civilization destroyed by greed and fear. Ride your way out of danger and into robots’ face plates as you gain new abilities!

At the core of OVERRIDER lies the satisfaction of movement. Players will need to learn the ins and outs of riding before they can master the rejuvenating Earth’s landscapes. Engage in high-speed combat with rogue machines. The faster you are, the more damage you deal. With a seamless blend of movement and action, OVERRIDER offers an experience that keeps players on the edge of their seat.

In OVERRIDER’s campaign offers various exclusive rewards, some of which provide access to the game’s development process. High-tier backers will have the opportunity to provide their own graffiti design with a personal message, which the team will incorporate into the game. And for the hardcore fans, Dreamteck has planned design sessions where backers can work in real-time with the team to breathe life into their idea for a special ability. No experience as a game designer or programmer is required to take advantage of this reward.

As of now, the demo offers a look into 22 abilities (gadgets), 7 enemies (roamer bots) and 2 bosses (guardians) amounting to 45 minutes of gameplay on average with the completionist run taking about an hour and a half.

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