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Rocket Rumble Brings Couch-Based Competition to PlayStation, Xbox and Steam Just in Time for the Long Weekend

Mario Kart and Fall Guys serve as the inspiration for all-new party game.

If you were planning on spending Memorial Day weekend curled up on the couch with your favorite doggo, it’s time to pop that pup in a mech suit and make room on that very same sofa for your friends: Rocket Rumble has blasted out of early access today with a full launch on PlayStation, Xbox, and Steam. Bringing playful competition to consoles and computers alike, Rocket Rumble challenges up to four players (local or online) to multiplayer mayhem on race tracks across the universe that’s as much about punching each other as it is about punching the turbo boost.

Players in Rocket Rumble select from a pool of 6 rocket-powered Terran animals and get set loose in races in a variety of environments, each with their own unique set of obstacles (watch out for space-sized tentacles on the beach planet!). Winning isn’t necessarily about who comes in first place, but who can rack up the most points – which you’ll earn both based on your place in the race and how well you pummel your fellow racers and knock them off the course through fisticuffs and fantastic items.

Rocket Rumble is available now for $23.99 on PlayStation, Xbox, and Steam.

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