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Roguelike Deckbuilder ‘Runes of Aereal’ Makes a Spooky Debut With Steam Next Fest

Gather your cards and put them to work on your quest for immortality in Runes of Aereal- an otherworldly roguelike deckbuilder from Belgium-based developer Lessis Games.

Play your way through an eerie netherworld, gathering cards and collecting Runes to unlock the secrets to immortality in Runes of Aereal, a necromantastical roguelike deckbuilder from Lessis games. Fans of the genre will be equal parts thrilled and unsettled by Runes’ uncanny atmosphere and deceptively deep gameplay.

Runes of Aereal challenges players to traverse the wide land of Aereal, visiting towns and cities, forests and caverns on their search for the nine Runes of Immortality. At every turn comes deadly challenges, and the chance to collect new cards and items– or breathe new life into old ones, evolving and transmuting powerful tools.

Six playable characters, each with their own unique traits and stats, a randomly generated world-map, and a bottomless variety of cards and items to experiment with means that no two runs of Runes of Aereal will ever be the same. A free demo will release during the week of Steam Next Fest, June 10-17, 2024, alongside a livestreamed developer playthrough, giving players the chance to discover for themselves everything that the title has to offer.

Runes of Aereal trailer may 2024

Key features of Runes of Aereal include:

  • Challenging, Innovative Cardplay. Turn-based combinations of complex cards, items, and your character and enemies’ own abilities force players into careful decision-making, with their understanding of the game deepening further and further as they progress. Manage energy, status conditions, shields, and special spells to dominate your opponents.
  • Eerie, Otherworldly Setting. Runes of Aereal places its players in a nightmarish netherworld, populated by demons, wraiths, half-beasts, and every measure of horrible enemy imaginable. Magic and mystery abound, and even towns and villages are no guarantee of safety.
  • Endlessly Fresh Roguelike Experience. Every playthrough of Runes of Aereal is unique, with six distinct character-classes to choose from, a newly generated world map, randomized encounters, and an endless well of cards, items, and transmutations to discover.

Runes of Aereal will offer a free-to-play demo during Steam Next Fest, June 10-17, 2024, along with developer livestreams and commentary.

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