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Roguelike Recruitment Sim “Million Monster Militia” Leaves Steam Early Access

Dejobaan (creators of Monster Loves You!, AaaaaAAaaaAAAaaAAAAaAAAAA!!!) and Space Capsule (Alpha One) have announced the full launch of Million Monster Militia (MMM), a roguelike recruitment sim where you battle giant bosses by assembling a ragtag militia of Soldiers, Vampires, Sheep, and over a hundred more units that synergize to create powerful combinations. MMM is now available exclusively on Steam for Windows, for $9.99.

Assemble a Team of Unlikely Heroes: You start in Boston, with a band of Civilians armed with nothing but hope—and you’re up against a 3-story tall boss demon. Every turn, you trade blows, regroup, and add a new unit—a choice from half a dozen randomly-selected unit types. Do you go for power and recruit a Soldier who will train your Civilians into battle-hardened troops? Do you channel the occult, with a Succubus who will turn them all into power-leeching Vampires? Or do you go scorched Earth and launch a Tactical Nuke, covering the land in Radioactive Waste so you can raise an army of Mutants? With every choice, you’re shaping your army and your overall strategy.

Create a Strategy from Synergies: As the general, your role transcends micromanagement. Where and how your troops engage the enemy is out of your hands; your job to build a team with complementary skills and strengths. The Crimson Terror gets stronger with every nearby Beast. A quintet of Mecha will combine into the mighty Moltron. Even Sheep have their role in the battle: recruit a Dragon that grows stronger with fire, and let it ignite your flock, transforming the simple herd into a strategic advantage. Your superpower is the ability to create unexpected, game-breaking combinations that send your enemies back to Hell.

Free America from the Oppressors! With each triumph, you’re one step closer to freeing the nation’s cities (plus newly-annexed Montreal) from its occupiers. So, embrace the chaos, master the synergies, and lead an army of unlikely heroes to victory. MMM has launched out of Steam Early Access and into version 1.0 with a full campaign. Grab your chance to be the savior and take America back!

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