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Roguelite Rhythm FPS ROBOBEAT Blasts Onto Steam and Epic Games Store

Leading UK games publisher Kwalee and independent game development studio Inzanity will launch their much anticipated roguelite rhythm shooter ROBOBEAT on PC via Steam and Epic Games Store today.

In ROBOBEAT, you’ll play as Ace – a bounty hunter on a mission to capture robot-gone-rogue Frazzer in his ever-shifting lair. Wall run, slide, and shoot to the beat, blast through robot armies, and track down your target.

Robobeat | Official Launch Trailer

ROBOBEAT is priced at $19.99, €19.49 and £16.99 on Steam and Epic Games Store with a 20% discount at launch.

The upbeat soundtrack for the game, featuring 38 tracks, will also launch exclusively on Steam, priced at $3.99, €3.99, and £3.39.


Beat. The. Bot.
You’re Ace – a famous bounty hunter after your latest target, the eccentric robot-showman Frazzer. To find your way through his twisted techno-playground, you’ll have to master the art of shooting, wall-running, sliding, and bunny hopping, all in sync with the beat! Get ready to dance till you’re dead and then suit up for the remix in rogue-lite rhythm shooter ROBOBEAT.

Shoot to the Beat
Shoot to your own beat with the custom music feature. Simply upload & trim your track or leave it as it is in our in-game editor to auto generate beats that suit your play style. Change custom songs effortlessly in-game anytime anywhere without interruption. The feature will support .wav, .mp3, and .ogg files. Maximise your damage and shorten your cooldown time by shooting in sync.
Master the art of charged shots, damage multipliers, armour piercing rounds, and more!

Move to the Music
You’ll want some slick moves to go with those slick new weapons. Your enemies aren’t going to wait around for you to take a dance break, so you’ve got to keep moving if you want to survive.

Wall run, slide, double jump, bunny hop, and grapple hook your way through technicolour levels to give your enemies the runaround. Keep it fluid, keep it funky, and keep it moving.

Rewind, Remix, Replay
ROBOBEAT is a rogue-lite remix.

Fast forward through procedurally generated levels, equip an arsenal of finely-tuned weapons, and accompany your arsenal with a symphony of modifications. Your playstyle is on continuous shuffle, so you never know what each new run is going to bring!

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