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Roll the dice with Last Spartan: Glory Over Madness, Next Fest demo available on June 10th!

Slice and (literally) dice through Lovecraftian enemies as you fight for your sanity (and glory) in the demo for this upcoming 300-inspired turn-based deck builder.

Step into the sandals of legendary Spartan King Leonidas in the Steam Next Fest demo for the upcoming dice/deck-building rogue-like Last Spartan: Glory over Madness. Available from June 10th, the demo offers brave warriors the chance to become the legendary Spartan king and explore a twisted world that sees Lovecraft and Ancient Greece come together in epic fashion.

Last Spartan: Glory Over Madness marches players toward a perilous battle through ancient Greece, where every maddening turn-based encounter requires a roll of the dice. Relying on lady luck is no good in Last Spartan, as players will need to imbue each die with powerful faces collected during each run, whilst forming allegiances with a pantheon of infamous Greek Gods. Unlock Ares, Hera, Apollo, Hephaestus, and six more gods, each providing a unique class to play as and distinct active and passive abilities. Develop different strategies for dealing with the many foes you encounter all in the name of sanity and glory!

Perfectly blending the beloved mythos of Greece with the haunting fiction of Lovecraft to create unspeakable enemies and environments, fellow Spartans must choose their dice faces wisely as they progress through a story-driven campaign set in a stylised 2.5D world. Every decision you make as King Leonidas will lead to rewards, blessings, and curses that could lead to eternal glory or suffering. Fresh horrors and unexpected encounters await at every turn, do you have what it takes to achieve glory and stave off the madness?

Let’s roll:

  • Explore Ancient Greece in a Unique 2.5D view, and see the madness and horrors up close as you make your choices!
  • Battle and explore a dark, randomly generated world full of new enemies and random encounters on every playthrough.
  • Collect 300 new and powerful artefacts, granting you permanent stats/abilities for the rest of your roguelike run.
  • Choose your ally god from a pool of 10+ Greek gods. All offer different active and passive abilities, allowing for different builds, playstyles, and strategies.
  • Discover a massive pool of over 300 unique enemies, encounters, dice faces, and artefacts scattered across the ever-changing world. Each playthrough promises a fresh set of challenges and opportunities.

Battle for sanity, face unspeakable monstrosities, and navigate a world teetering on the brink of madness in Last Spartan, available from June 10 on Steam as part of Steam Next Fest.

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