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Saga of the Moon Priestess

Saga of the Moon Priestess is a retro top-down action adventure game, which was clearly inspired by successful classic adventure games of early console generations. It first reminded me of playing The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening on my Game Boy as a kid, so I happily started playing through it, wanting to relive those awesome memories. Sadly, I did not have as much fun with Saga of the Moon Priestess, as I had with Link’s Awakening.


The game was developed by Pixel Trash (hmm, quite a prophecy, I would say) and published by eastasiasoft on the 24th of January 2024. You begin the game controlling a young prince that gets abducted by an unknown captor. After that, you get to control an orphaned girl named Sarissa and the real adventure begins. Your task will be to save the missing prince and plenty or enemies (bosses included) will stand on your way to accomplishing that. Its gameplay is pretty basic and straightforward – you move around the lands, defeat enemies and collect shiny beads which you can trade for various items. Saving the game as often as you can is pretty important as well, because the game is kind of unforgiving. You do that at statues by completing a prayer, which basically means hitting it with your weapon, which is probably a spoon. The game also includes standard puzzles, like moving bricks or whatever those damn things are – probably blocks of some sorts.

There are in total five dungeons to explore and fifteen items to collect during your voyage through those dungeons. As most of the games that get released, this one also has its weaknesses and pros, so I am going to list a few of both. The pixel graphics are simple, but I guess enough for what the game is trying to represent – in reality they are not anything special, but trying to represent the 16-bit era of adventure games, I guess they suffice. You can play through the game both via the analogue stick and the D-pad, but I have to say that I could not move with the D-pad the way I would want to, so I just used the more modern controls. The combat is simple, but you have to be pretty precise while attacking the enemies, otherwise they will hit you like there is no tomorrow – especially the long ranged ones. Soon into the game you will collect a bow and some arrows, twenty-five to be exact, so you will be able to attack from long range as well. There is really not anything else to say about the positives, but the weaknesses are too unforgiving enemies, lack of options to adjust and, most of all, the game does not offer anything new, which we have not already seen like thirty years ago. But it made me remember Link’s Awakening, so I might jump into that one instead of playing Saga of the Moon Priestess.

I do not really know what to write to conclude this review. The game is kind of cheap, as it costs only 5,99 €, but I am still having a hard time recommending buying it. And if you own any Zelda-like adventures, you can just go and play those instead of this one. Quite a shame, since I was looking forward to enjoying it, but it left me unsatisfied.


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