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Sandbox RPG Dustgrave Shows Its Changing World and Its Stealth Mechanics

Publisher Digital Tribe and indie studio Innervoid Interactive announce that their sandbox RPG Dustgrave will have a playable demo on the Steam Next Fest, that will run from February 5-12. The game, that will be released on Steam in 2024, has recently published two new dev diaries in which players can get a grasp of how the world changes due to the players actions as well as have a sneak peek at its stealth system.

The world of Dustgrave will change over time depending on both the actions of the player and the factions that populate it. Settlements and locations are dynamic entities. This means they can be conquered by different factions, see their populations decimated, get destroyed and rebuilt or even infested with zombies. All in all, that ruined settlement you stumble upon at the beginning of the game may, one day, be a rebuilt city where you will have to protect its settlers while doing some construction work.

Players will always have an option to activate stealth mode to try to sneak their way out of difficult situations. In a game where all NPCs remember what you did to them, it’s fundamental to have the possibility of acting from the shadows to avoid negative consequences. NPCs will be able to notice the player via a cone of view and hearing sounds, but they will also have memory. Don’t you dare trying to sell them goods you just stole from them, or they’ll notice quickly. Of course, there’s also an option to engage in combat while in stealth mode, useful for those that don’t want anybody to notice that their character just killed a bunch of people.


The crumbling of the Dahlan Empire brought times of struggle, times of war, hunger and plague – but also of opportunity for those strong and brave enough to carve their own path with sword and wits. You can be one of these adventurers and mercenaries who venture into this trouble land and leave a mark – as a criminal or a hero; a wise scholar or a hard worker; a holy man or just a mercenary: the choice is yours!

Dustgrave offers players total freedom in a true sandbox RPG experience, with eye-catching cell-shaded watercolor art and a deep turn-based combat system. You play as a band of adventurers in the ravaged lands of the former Dahlan Empire: you can create and customize your characters with an advanced character editor, and then choose your own way without limits. The world will react accordingly to your deeds and decisions: an advanced record & relationship system that tracks every event in the world, and then every NPC reacts to what they know about you depending on their morality and current allegiances.

Dustgrave features a deep turn-based combat system that allows you many different combinations of skills and items, offering players endless options of great tactical depth. But you will also have an advanced stealth system in your hands, which allows you to approach problems using your wits rather than your steel: you can break into secure places to find clues, steal treasures, or assassinate your mark without leaving a trace.


  • Everything meaningful happening in the world is recorded. NPCs will judge your good and bad deeds based on their personality or faction.
  • The world is in constant evolution. Factions will constantly fight against each other: some may acquire more power, others may be destroyed forever.
  • All NPCs have unique personalities and desires, and their daily life is thoroughly simulated.
  • True fantasy sandbox RPG experience. You decide with your actions what kind of character you want to be: a holy man, a thief, a hero, a soldier, a mercenary, an archeologist, even just a mail deliverer…
  • Smash your enemies with an advanced yet accessible turn-based combat system, combining Skills and Items in huge tactical depth.
  • Use an advanced stealth system to do anything you want! Stealing? Check! Assassinating? Check! Breaking and entering? Check!
  • Create your own customized characters with an advanced character editor.
DustGrave Teaser Trailer
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