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Sandbox survival-builder TerraTech Worlds Launches March 22

Multiplayer open world successor to TerraTech sets its launch date.

Payload Studios has announced that TerraTech Worlds, its co-op PvE survival sandbox, is set to launch on Steam on March 22. After a hugely successful Next Fest, the successor to the million selling TerraTech will now enter Early Access with a long-spanning roadmap.

With 100,000 demo downloads and more than 70,000 unique players during February’s Next Fest, TerraTech Worlds became one of the most wishlisted titles of the event. Built from the ground up in Unreal Engine 5 and optimised for large scale simulation, the sandbox survival-builder is a multiplayer experience that supports up to 6 players.

TerraTech Worlds Official Announce Trailer

Surpassing every limitation of the original game, TerraTech Worlds invites players to explore dangerous but beautiful biomes, gather valuable resources, and create unique bases and vehicles to fend off roaming bandits. With fully deformable terrain, water physics, dynamic weather, day and night cycles, factory automation gameplay, and vastly expanded customisation, TerraTech Worlds distils ten years of studio experience into a brand new title.

TerraTech Worlds is available to wishlist now on Steam. Its public roadmap spans more than 12 months and is set to deliver flight, fresh planets, boss battles and much more.

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