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Sci-fi bullet heaven and auto shooter Time Treker will be released on Steam on July 10!

2P Games and Fuse Game announce that Time Treker, a sci-fi bullet heaven auto shooter set in a dark, distant future will be released on Steam Early Access on July 10 for $6.99 / €6,99 with a 10% discount during the first two weeks. Build your mecha, choose the best abilities and craft a killing machine to survive in a barren world.


The frontline has collapsed and your home has fallen. Now it’s time to reclaim what’s yours. Ours. Human beings escaped from the earth after the Great Catastrophe. Now, you will travel back to the world before its collapse and confront the bugs that ended everything. Win, and save the world. Fail, and you will have to come back in another timeline.

Choose between three warriors and 10+ weapons to become the ultimate mecha in a bullet heaven auto shooter. Time Treker is set in a dark, sci-fi world where humans have built machines capable of downing dozens of enemies in a matter of seconds. Select a unique playstyle (sword dancer, rocket sniper, or thunder master) and choose between 10+ weapons and 15+ items to craft a killing machine that perfectly fits you. The Time Treker features a variety of missions, from exploration to annihilation, or defending a position, that will help you gain experience, unlock achievements and strengthen your base as you prepare for unknown challenges.


  • Engage in endless battles all guns blazing while shooting down hundreds of enemies.
  • Choose between three characters, 10+ weapons and 15+ items to create a mecha that fits your abilities.
  • Enjoy a variety of quests, from exploring the unknown to assaulting enemies or defending from hordes of worms. Who knows what awaits you next?
  • The Early Access version of Time Treker features three major maps (desert, cave, marshland). Players can expect 2-3 hours per run and around 10 hours of total gameplay.
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