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Serene city builder Planetiles brings tile-’em-up puzzling to Steam today!

Turn barren planets into flourishing worlds and develop vibrant habitats while navigating natural disasters in ‘thinky’ tile-based city-builder Planetiles.

Relaxing tile-based city builder Planetiles, where you develop thriving habitats on desolate planets, launches today on Steam for $9.99/€8.99 with a 15% discount for early adopters. From independent Polish developer MythicOwl, Planetiles blends tranquil city-building with strategic tile placement, challenging players to create flourishing ecosystems on barren planets whilst navigating natural disasters. Launching with a mission-based mode and a highly requested sandbox mode, Planetiles offers endless creative world-building opportunities.

Craft diverse landscapes – lush forests, bustling villages, mountaintop observatories, and more! Every tile matters, and each cluster holds unique gameplay advantages. Success lies in balancing mission objectives (which unlock new expansion areas) with strategic building to gain greater control over your planet’s development. Careful planning and intelligent tile placement are essential to completing your goals and achieving each mission’s primary and secondary objectives. And for players looking for endless planet-building, there’s Atlas Infinitus, a never-ending planet with no chunk limits!

The unpredictable forces of nature can thwart planetary progress. Balance your ecological habitats around erupting volcanoes, devastating cataclysms, or swirling space storms for an additional layer of challenge to city planning. Unlock technologies to fight back against these natural nemeses and use unlockable perks to help navigate through this planet-building adventure.

The Galactic Wonders:

  • Lose yourself in the peaceful atmosphere of planet-building in deep space.
  • Plan carefully and strategically place tiles to maximize bonuses and hit high scores.
  • Create vibrant biomes of lush forests and looming mountain ranges; all presented through a colourful visual style!
  • Overcome natural disasters and withstand the forces of nature (and space).
  • Roguelite progression ensures there’s always a planet ready to be revamped​​​​.

Nurture natural habitats and help humanity thrive in the endless expanse of deep space in the ‘thinky-style’ Planetiles, available now for eager planet builders on Steam!

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