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Shadow of the Depth

Shadow of the Depth is a roguelite game in which you will head into the dungeons to fight different monsters. It is being developed by a team of five people called ChillyRoom and was released in Early Access on Steam on the 23rd of April 2024.


ChillyRoom decided for an Early Access release because they think it provides a broader reach of gamers and also bigger feedback numbers. This way they want to gather as much of the valuable feedback they can, while they continue with their development process. They plan to release the game in April 2025 the latest, but its full release may also happen sooner. In their development process they will add a local co-operative mode (Steam Remote Play support included), more weapons for every character with adding more playable characters, skills and abilities, more levels, and last but not least, more bosses. In its current state gamers can indulge in five playable characters, which all have unique combat styles, three chapters with three levels + a boss level, three difficulty levels, and more than forty active skills and 200 passive skills. They plan on probably increasing the price of the game after exiting the Early Access state, so grab it at its current price while you still can – the introductory -10% offer expires on the 4th of May.

Shadow of the Depth is an action roguelike game with hand-drawn visuals that features a dark world with always-changing levels. Every of the five available characters offers unique abilities and play-styles – Arthur is a melee warrior, Arya an assassin with dual daggers, Stephanie is a sorcerer, Phyllis is a ranged attacker, and finally Ginzo is a katana-wielding swordsman. The game offers a hack and slash gameplay with roguelike elements, that will serve randomly generated dungeons for you to explore.

Shadow of the Depth already offers a few hours of fun in its current state, and we can just expect more of it at its full release. The skills and character combos give a nice feel to the game, and it just plays and looks very satisfying. I recommend grabbing it right away, if you look for a few hours of good time, otherwise I would wait for the game’s full release. Oh, and there is also a demo available, so first try that one, if you are not sure that buying it would be worth it.


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