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Sink Your Teeth Into Zoochosis’ Latest Trailer – A Zookeeper’s Worst Nightmare

You Bet Giraffe It’s Going to be Scary!

Clapperheads is thrilled to share their brand-new trailer for Zoochosis, a heart-pounding new bodycam horror simulation game coming to PC via Steam in Q2 2024.

Australia and its huge spiders… what could be worse? An unsuspecting zookeeper is about to find out!

Prepare for an unparalleled trip down your worst nightmares with Zoochosis, a horror game where every heartbeat is captured through the lens of a bodycam strapped to your chest. Embark on your maiden night shift in the zoo, as routine tasks of animal care and monitoring take a sinister turn. The once docile animals are infected and are slowly transforming into savage mutants fueled by an insatiable thirst for blood.

Identify the infected animals and concoct a cure before the contagion spreads its tendrils throughout the zoo. As the night deepens, the line between survival and demise blurs. Your resolve to save the innocent creatures will be tested and your choices will shape the outcome of this harrowing ordeal. But at what cost?

Zoochosis – Exclusive Gameplay Teaser Trailer

About the game

Zoochosis is a spine-chilling bodycam horror simulation game where you play a zookeeper about to start their first night shift. As you strap on your bodycam and go about your rounds, you notice strange behaviour from some of the animals in the enclosures, behaviour unlike anything you have ever seen before.

A terrifying parasite is spreading, mutating some of the animals into grotesque versions of themselves, blood-thirsty and ready to do anything to kill you so they can escape. You must identify the infected animals and make vaccines to cure them before the parasite spreads out of control and to the wider zoo. Unravel the mysteries of the zoo and save the animals to save yourself, as your choices will ultimately determine your ending. Will you survive the night?

Key features

  • Become the night zookeeper: Interact with the animals, take care of them, choose and prepare their meals, restock and clean up after them in the enclosure.
  • Save the animals!: Something is terribly wrong with the animals. Can you unravel the mysteries of the zoo and save them? You must discover the cause of the infection, create a vaccine and administer the cure before it’s too late.
  • Choices matter: Which animals will you save? How will you cure them? Your decisions bear weight, shaping the trajectory of your survival and determining the fate of the creatures under your protection.
  • Bodycam footage: Strap on your bodycam and document every chilling encounter as the night unfolds. Explore the darkest corners of the zoo with a unique perspective, adding a new level of tension and horror to your quest.

Zoochosis will be released for PC via Steam in Q2 2024 and can be added to your Wishlist now!

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