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Skateboarding Roguelike Helskate Out Today on Steam Early Access

Doing a 720 Benihana into a Misty Flip, Phantom Coast is happy to launch today their skateboarding action roguelike Helskate onto Steam Early Access for $24.99, with a limited 10% off launch discount.

We estimate it takes around 8 to 10 hours to complete World 1 of Helskate. Individual runs to get to the boss should take around 30 minutes to an hour.

About Helskate

Helskate is a skateboarding action roguelite. Grind, perform tricks, and chain combos to power up your attacks and slay the monsters of Vertheim. Combine unique weapons and gear to suit your playstyle as you fight, die, and upgrade your abilities to come back to this labyrinth over and over again!

  • Skate your way through Vertheim – Traverse Vertheim as you grind, wall ride and manual your way through this hellscape with classic arcade-style skating
  • Fight, Die, Upgrade, Repeat – Combine different weapons, gear and tapes to create powerful and unique builds for each run. Get inked up with sick tattoos to permanently upgrade your abilities for a much needed edge over your foes.
  • Skateboarding Combat – Chain huge combos, do ollies, kickflips, and other awesome tricks to power up your attacks and gain unique abilities and buffs to slay the monsters that await you in this fast-paced skateboarding action roguelite!
  • Take on the Gods of Skating – Use everything in your arsenal to battle against the Gods of Skating. Take on the God of Vert Ramps’ score challenge and grind your way up the Ancient God of Skating to strike at his weak points.
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