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Skybound Games Reveals New Story Trailer for Slice-of-Life Simulator Closer the Distance & Demo at Steam Next Fest June 10

Lead a Town through Tragedy in this Narrative-Rich Life Sim from Award-Winning Osmotic Games.

Skybound Games, a division of Skybound Entertainment, the creator-led, multi-platform entertainment company behind mega-franchises The Walking Dead, Invincible, Impact Winter, and more, today unveiled a new story trailer for Closer the Distance from award-winning indie studio Osmotic Games (Orwell). This deep, narrative-rich slice-of-life simulator will debut a demo at Steam Next Fest on June 10.

Closer the Distance – Story Trailer

In Closer the Distance, you will play as Angela, a young girl from the small, cozy village of Yesterby who passes away in a tragic accident. Left in limbo, Angela quickly discovers the ability to telepathically influence the loved ones she has left behind. Discover the stories at the heart of this shattered community and use your ethereal powers to unearth long-kept secrets, heal strained relationships, and help the living move on in an emotionally charged journey of love, grief, catharsis, and hope.

Each character that Angela can interact with is fully simulated and highly nuanced, with their own emotional states, wishes, memories, and intertwined relationships that develop over time with or without your guidance. Your choices will have a significant impact on the people of Yesterby and the outcome of their journey, making each playthrough unique and immersive. Will you be able to help Yesterby’s community heal and chart a better path forwards?

Closer the Distance is available to wishlist now on Steam.

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