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Slime Rancher 2 Coming to PlayStation 5 on June 11th, 2024

Monomi Park, creators of the top-rated Slime Rancher franchise, is bringing Slime Rancher 2 to PlayStation 5 on June 11, 2024. Players who pre-purchase the game can start playing early on June 7, 2024, at 10:00 AM PST before it’s available on June 11th. Any player interested in the expanded Slime Rancher experience, may purchase the Slime Rancher Rainbow Bundle and get Slime Rancher and Slime Rancher 2 at 10% off SRP.

All purchases of the PlayStation 5 version include all previous and future content updates leading up to the game’s full release for no additional cost. The game also comes with an exclusive in-game item, Glo Glo Penguino, a lovable new Slime Toy that chills out agitated slime.

Slime Rancher 2 Coming to PS5 Trailer

Slime Rancher 2

Slime Rancher 2 by Monomi Park is the newest entry in the award-winning smash-hit Slime Rancher. PlayStation 5 players can now experience the vibrant world that has been enjoyed by over 16 million fans of the franchise worldwide. Journey as Beatrix LeBeau on Rainbow Island, a mysterious land brimming with ancient technology, unknown natural resources, and an avalanche of new slimes to discover.

Since the game entered early access in September of 2022, Monomi Park has released multiple content updates that are entirely new to the franchise, including a new unlockable territory called Powderfall Bluffs, new slimes, a dynamic weather system, as well as creative tools and gadgets.

Features of Slime Rancher 2:

  • Welcome to Rainbow Island: Beatrix LeBeau is back. Journey with her as she explores mysterious and unique regions, collects colorful slimes and customizes the Conservatory with immersive and interactive gadgets.
  • Ranching 101: Discover Wiggly Slimes: With over 100 slime combinations, there is always a new slime waiting to be discovered like the bouncy Cotton Slime, the perky-eared Tabby Slime, the mischievous Ringtail Slime, and more! Don’t forget to feed your slimes and collect the plorts they produce.
  • Decorate Your Conservatory: Dive into a world of customization with new gadgets and upgrades for your ranch. Discover fun and exciting gadgets like the Ferris Wheel, where slimes enjoy their time peacefully going in circles. Or unleash mechanized chaos by shooting your favorite slimes out of carnival cannons. (Don’t worry; no actual harm comes to slimes when interacting with the carnival cannon).
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