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Soar Through the Seasons with “Bird Year” – An Avian Arcade Experience!

Prepare to spread your wings and take flight in “Bird Year,” the endearing new indie game developed by Screaming Tree Studios. Spanning four vibrant seasons, “Bird Year” invites players to embark on a gentle challenge as they embody the spirit of various avian species in pixel art form.

Bird Year – Coming Soon!

About “Bird Year”:

In “Bird Year,” players assume the role of a mother bird trying to raise her hatchlings. With intuitive controls and simple gameplay mechanics, flutter through the air, avoid enemies, and find food throughout the environment to bring back to the nest before the babies succumb to starvation.

Key Features:

  • Play as One of Eight Birds: Each bird has a different speed and ability to help it survive.
  • Catch a Variety of Food: Maneuver to grab zigging butterflies, hop on the ground to pull up worms, snatch crawling ladybugs – and if you’re a woodpecker, get sap from trees.
  • Avoid Hazards: Swoop, dive, and glide around the dangers of the forest such as hunting eagles, diving falcons, flying squirrels, stinging wasps, hungry deer, and prowling cats.
  • ​Unlock Bonus Content: Discover two additional birds and a unique extra level through continued gameplay.
  • Enjoy the Music of Antonio Vivaldi: His famous violin concerti ‘The Four Seasons’​​ plays over each three-month season that makes up a “Bird Year”.

“Bird Year” is set to launch on PC and Mac on May 22, 2024 through Steam,, and IndieGala. Stay tuned for more updates and announcements up to and after the launch, including additional platforms and plans for the mobile release.

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