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Songs of Silence

Songs of Silence is a fantasy strategy game that is being developed by Chimera Entertainment, and was released in Early Access on Steam on the 4th of June 2024. It features a mix of various genres and exciting battles that unfold in real-time. The developers state that it is the most ambitious game they ever created, and for it, they have created a unique world from scratch.


Chimera Entertainment expect that they will release the full version of the game before the end of this year, and they seek for the players’ feedback and suggestions that they may even incorporate in the 1.0 version of Songs of Silence. The Early Access version features four campaign maps, and they plan to extend that to eight in total when the full game releases. They will also include extra skirmish and multiplayer maps, as well as adjust the game balancing according to the feedback they will receive. In plans are also additional quality of life features, such as difficulty levels, for example. They do not plan of increasing the price of the games as it will reach full release, which is good, because it is already priced at a whopping 39,99€. Yikes.

Songs of Silence is basically an auto battler game that looks really good, and its presentation is well done. The illustrations are very nice and also very colourful, which is kind of out of the ordinary when it comes to strategy games, but I applaud that decision. The graphical style is based on the Art Nouveau movement, and honestly, that is my first time hearing of it. It is an international art style that is inspired by natural forms, like flowers. First Art Nouveau-styled buildings and decorations appeared in Brussels in 1890s, and has since spread through various countries where it is known by different names. But enough about that, let me return to Songs of Silence. The gameplay itself is tactics-based and the game’s narrative is interesting enough to keep you in front of the screen for some time. The full release will include a quite large single player campaign, and multiple cooperative and competitive multiplayer game modes. I am more of a solo player myself, so I am looking forward to its campaign, once it will be completed, and not so much in multiplayer modes.

The game’s story goes about two worlds – one of Light and one of Dark – with two races, that are close to ruin. They are threatened by Silence that is spreading and seems unstoppable. It will be up to you to lead powerful armies that can be made out of a roster of more than a hundred different units. You will also need to successfully manage resources, in a way that classic 4X strategies work, and overcome your enemies in fast-paced battles. There is definitely a lot of potential in Songs of Silence’s blueprint, and I hope it turns out as a more than decent strategy game.

As for now, I think that the money that is being charged for Songs of Silence, is a bit too steep, but once finished, it might be more than worth of forty bucks. Since the developers do not plan of increasing the price, I would rather wait and see how the game turns out once it reaches full release. There is no real reason for you to hurry into buying the title half-made, but definitely make sure you put the game on your watchlist.


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