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Southfield is an upcoming farming sim, that is being developed by Radical Forge, who made Bright Paw – a murderous mystery puzzler. It is not your usual farming game, as it is totally silly with its physics-based gameplay. You will be able to go on an adventure by yourself, or with up to three friends. It will soon be released in Early Access on Steam, but the exact date is not yet known.


The game is being developed in Unity, and in it you will farm produce on your… farm. You do not grow regular vegetables, but crops that radiate or even levitate. You are able to mix crops together and invent something completely new. Quests will be there for you to complete, but most of all you will experiment with crops. You will be able to play Southfield as a solo explorer, or with your friends via online co-op mode. Its graphics are cartoony, very vivid, and colourful. You take control over a bouncy Bud that sprouted from the land, and you can perform physics-based manoeuvrers with it. Movement is fun and so is pulling your fresh produce from the soil.

As you will expand and grow your farm, more and more errands will need to be taken care of. You can also have fun with tractor racing, trampoline jumping, and obstacle courses building. You will create with sandbox tools and will be able to create unique builds, like castles or other buildings – you will just have to use your imagination. Not everything is nice in Southfield, though. When night falls, out come the Ruffians. Ruffians are spectral trouble-bringers of Southfield, and they will cause chaos for you and your crops, so you will need to defend yourself and your farm as a whole.

Radical Forge plan to release the 1.0 version of Southfield this Summer, and will expand the game with more gameplay mechanics, crops to grow and quests to complete. As mentioned, it will soon be released in Early Access, but until then you can download the demo and try it out yourself.

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