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Space Western Strategy Shooter Wild Bastards Launches this September on PC and Console

It’s almost time to saddle up the horses as the tactical first-person shooter Wild Bastards from Maximum Entertainment and developer Blue Manchu launches on PC, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S and Nintendo Switch on September 12. Discover the Wild Bastards gang in this new trailer:

Wild Bastards – Release Date Trailer

Wild Bastards is available for preorder on Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5 with a 15% discount. Also beginning today, Maximum Entertainment released the first public demo for Wild Bastards, which can be played on Steam.

Release date trailer showcases a look at the 13 outlaws players will manage as they navigate the cosmos. Each of these fiends has their own unique set of skills, special abilities, and relationships with the other gang members. Whether taking down enemies left and right with Spider Rosa’s blistering speed (and extra appendages), burning down the battlefield with Smoky’s flaming fists or hitting a bullseye with Fletch’s exploding arrows, these outlaws will need to work together and fight tooth, nail and…whatever it is ghosts fight with, to make it out unscathed.

Wild Bastards finds its lawbreakers hunted and nearly eradicated by the menacing Jebediah Chaste. After killing all but two of the Bastards, his final targets are miraculously saved by a mysterious, sentient spaceship known as The Drifter. The Bastards are fleeing an unwinnable standoff, exploring an ever-changing and lawless galaxy rife with precious weapons and spoils, as well as grisly fates, in a grand attempt to resurrect their compatriots while living to steal another day.

Amass a gang of 13 playable and uniquely talented criminals, manage the relationships between them, and guide their growth. Juggle injuries and feuds while plotting a path through the galaxy, exploring and fleecing planets and, of course, shooting anyone or anything who gets in the way. Prevailing through Wild Bastards’ campaign also unlocks a Challenge Mode which adds modifiers and a steadily ramping challenge to keep outlaws on their toes.

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