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Star Stuff is launching today! Deceptively cute puzzle automation game about fixing a star factory

Developer Ánimo Games and publisher Astra Logical are launching Star Stuff, the deceptively cute puzzle automation game about fixing a star factory, today (7th June) on PC & Mac via Steam.

Star Stuff – Launch Trailer | Puzzle Game

The game will also participate in the Women-Led Games Showcase on June 8, which is part of the 2024 Summer Game Fest.

About the Game

Star Stuff is an adorable automation experience for curious minds of all ages. Join Mija, a brand-new star engineer, as they take on over 150 mind-bending factory puzzles.

Meet the bots!

Looks cute, right? Making stars isn’t as easy as you might think, but you aren’t alone! Your work in the factory is supported by various bots with many different capabilities. Some bots are able to lift heavy objects, and some can solve complex problems with lasers – which is a pretty enviable skill. Just make sure you keep your goggles on.

Programming prowess!

Once you’ve programmed your bots, join in on the manual labor fun! Unlike most automation and programming games, you have to work in sync with your bots from time to time. It’s a team effort here at the Star Stuff factory in order to get those stars made. If at first you don’t succeed, brush off that stardust and try, try again.

One star at a time!

The star factory is extremely forgiving and you won’t even get fired. You can always reset, undo, and try puzzles over and over again. You can take breaks in this whimsical atmosphere with a stellar soundtrack. And remember, it’s only been 32,767 rotations since the last major incident. You can help maintain that record!

Key Features:

  • Exercise your brain. Automating bots is tricky, despite their whimsical appearances. Every problem is a chance to learn something new.
  • Over 150 celestial levels to tease your brain with even when you’re on your mandated lunch break.
  • You are part of the puzzles! Your bots can’t do this on their own – you have to pitch in sometimes to help the machines solve the obstacles they face in the star-making process.
  • Simple but deep mechanics make this title accessible and family-friendly. Try playing along with a friend or family member nearby!
  • Unleash your creativity as you delve into coding logic to craft your own bot programs. And don’t worry! Programming is just puzzle solving at the end of the day.

There’s a whole cosmic universe out there waiting to be built if you’re up for the challenge. Shine on!

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