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Start studying the blade with Gladio Mori Demo

Indie developer Plebeian Studio has released a demo of their debut title Gladio Mori on Steam. Gladio Mori is a physics-based fighting game where you fight using bladed weapons on a small arena.

Gladio Mori went viral on TikTok at the beginning of the year and the fans have been waiting for the demo ever since.

About the demo

The demo will include full multiplayer functionality, one arena and three movesets for the following weapons: Bardiche, Sword & Shield, Dual Hatchets.

Key features

  • Physics-based combat that ensures both hilarious and epic moments.
  • Unique organ-based damage system that enables players to cut down their enemies in a single slash, or strike at their limbs and watch them squirm as they bleed to death.
  • Online and local split-screen multiplayer with up to 4 players.

The full version of the game will have more equipment and maps. It will also have a moveset editor that allows the players to fully customize the way they play the game.

Gladio Mori – Gameplay Reveal Trailer
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