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Start your Steam Next Fest fun early with an updated Drug Dealer Simulator 2 demo!

Gamers, it’s time to game! Jump on the Next Fest bandwagon before everyone else and play the updated and improved co-op demo of Drug Dealer Simulator 2, already available on Steam!

Drug Dealer Simulator 2 is the prequel to a Steam bestseller game Drug Dealer Simulator. It takes you to the early 2000s. You land on Isla Sombra, a haven for cartels and small-time dealers.

You start out as a nobody on a foreign, hostile island, without resources or connections. Work your way up to the heights of respect and fortune. Establish your hideouts, produce drugs and sell them on the streets. Reach clients and suppliers, and grow your operation. Expand to other villages and towns, but beware. The big fishes don’t like it when someone stirs their waters.

Jump right into the updated Drug Dealer Simulator 2 demo which already lets you play for HOURS in a tropical setting of the starting island of Isla Sombra, now with better quest flow, improved interface, new dialogues, and more!

Demo Features

  • Co-op and singleplayer modes.
  • 6+ hours of gameplay.
  • Dynamic day-night and weather systems.
  • Six playable characters to choose from.
  • Drug production (weed and amphetamine).
  • Hideout renting/buying.
  • Parkour and quick travel methods.
  • Reputation system.
  • Story introduction.
  • Everything that made the first DDS a hit, plus a bunch of new things!
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