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Stories from the Outbreak, a turn-based zombie roguelike RPG is out on Steam Full Access on February 20th, 2024

Stories from the Outbreak, a turn-based zombie roguelike RPG, is entering Full Release. The game is made by Coldwild Games, an indie game development company from Latvia, creators of “Merchant of the Skies,” “Luna’s Fishing Garden” and “Lazy Galaxy” series.

Stories from the Outbreak – Release trailer

The year is 2020.

The new disease has been sweeping through the world for some weeks. Zombies rise from the dead and attack humans. You wake up in your apartment in the city of Riga and turn the radio on. The order has completely collapsed and the streets are not safe.

The police and the army will not protect you. There is one last ferry heading out to Iceland from the western shore. You can only rely on yourself now. Scavenge for supplies, fight the zombies, and decide the fate of your crew. What are you willing to sacrifice to survive the zombie plague?

Game features:

  • Form a team of survivors, hoping to escape the doomed city. Decide the fates of your team members as you go.
  • Characters talk between themselves, showing polarization in views. Not every team is going to reach the ferry, but their stories matter. Will different views prevent them from reaching their goals?
  • Escape the dying world: traverse the area maps in search of shelter and supplies.
  • Fight zombies when necessary: there are more than 15 unique enemy types in the game.

Stories from the Outbreak is available now on Windows, macOS, and Linux platforms, inviting players to embark on an adventure through pixelated landscapes and atmospheric storytelling.

Venture into the depths of the apocalypse and discover the true cost of survival in Stories from the Outbreak.

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