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Surmount and Survive a Cursed Adventure in Kingdom of Fallen: The Last Stand Releasing May 15

A unique hybrid of survival and Soulslike genres with crafting among action-exploration comes to life in this dark fantasy epic.

You awaken on the border between life and death in a strange and undeniably cursed land to find your daughter missing and an unfathomable enmity surrounding you — do you give up, or do you fight to survive? This is the core of Kingdom of Fallen: The Last Stand, a hybrid of survival and Soulslike genres from developer Digital Souls that tasks the player with not just beating enemies but creating and crafting their own means to do so. Fans of all genres will have the opportunity to get their hands on this brand-new title that seamlessly blends elements from both action and crafting games on May 15.

Kingdom of Fallen | Game Release Trailer | Releases May 15

Players will embark on an eventful journey through a kingdom of perilous challenges and plentiful personal resources. Coming up against enemies that are too much to handle at first blush isn’t a demand simply to get good or give up, but an invitation to use those resources to craft better armor, weapons, closer shelter as a respawn point, and more to emphasize preparation as the sharpest tool in your arsenal.

The different environments make for new opportunities for gathering distinct materials from various locales, encouraging players to seek beneficial resources beyond their beaten paths. Finding animals to ride — and even fly — makes traveling between different regions not only fast, but thrilling.

Kingdom of Fallen: The Last Stand will speak to veterans of the Soulslike genre and action game beginners alike with its dark fantasy world, distinctive mixture of mechanics, and compelling narrative following a father searching for his daughter in a maledicted kingdom. When there is danger at every turn, the only proper strategy is to survive whatever is in store for you.

Kingdom of Fallen: The Last Stand is coming to Steam on May 15 and can be wishlisted by players right now.


  • Stepping Into Darkness: Explore various environments that each have unique resources to mine for better weapons and armor to encourage exploration. Deep dungeons will offer iron ores, while beaches will offer flints for different and interesting crafting opportunities.
  • Enigmatic Ghouls: Enemies stand in the way of your exploration and range from simple yet deadly Knights to unfathomable wraiths. Bosses are no cakewalk and can take strong engagement with the crafting system to defeat.
  • Modulate your Difficulty: If you think a boss is too hard, you can go out and craft better equipment, but the player decides what “too hard” means to them. A boss that is too difficult for one player might be just the right level for another.
  • Fatherhood: Go on a quest to not only answer the questions of how you got into this kingdom but why it seems to be holding you from reuniting with your daughter. Is any of this real? Is your soul more at risk here than your physical body? What awaits you at the end of this path?
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