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Survive a deadly game of cat and mouse when folk horror roguelike Harvest Hunt launches May 22nd

Fight or flee from the nightly terrors of Luna Nova in the free demo, currently available as part of the Lovecraftian Steam Fest.

Nightmarish creatures stalk your every step in Harvest Hunt, the new horror title from Villainous Games Studio and Neonhive Games, releasing on May 22nd on Steam.

For those brave enough to delve into the terrors that lurk in the shadows, a free demo is available as part of the Lovecraftian Steam Fest this weekend.

Take up the Warden’s mantle as you attempt to safeguard the isolated village of Luna Nova by gathering the resources the villagers need to survive. Navigate the hellish maze of farmlands and forge your arsenal from destiny’s Whispers, a tarot-inspired deck imbued with skills and tools, to survive the night and avoid the watchful eye of the Devourer who stalks the land.

You alone are the village’s architect of survival. But there are secrets hidden in the depths of Luna Nova. A true tapestry of terror is woven through the village’s history and the people trapped there – and every Warden has their own cross to bear.

Delve into a narrative steeped in dark European folklore and experience a realm where horror, survival, and strategy intertwine in this gripping odyssey of fear.

Harvest Hunt will be released on Steam on May 22nd, 2024. The demo is available to download on Steam.

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