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Switch Players, Rejoice! Satisfyingly Punishing 2.5D Bloodbath Slave Zero X is Available Now in the Nintendo eShop

Along with the Switch Launch, this Grotesquely Gorgeous Hack-and-Slash Title Adds New, Challenging Post-Game Content.

Prepare for a lesson in brutality as today Ziggurat Interactive, publisher of multiplatform retro and modern games, announces the launch of the wonderfully brutal biopunk title Slave Zero X on Nintendo Switch. Now, Switch players can cut through straight to the rotted core of the Megacity, slaying hordes of bloodthirsty enemies in their wake.

Slave Zero X – Available Now on Nintendo Switch

Standard and Digital Deluxe versions launch worldwide on the Switch eShop today, April 11. The physical versions of Slave Zero X also released today in Asia and Japan, with a May 17 physical release in the United States and Europe. In the deluxe physical Calamity Edition, players can look forward to a custom Nintendo Switch skin, soundtracks, and three comic books created by Marvel and DC Comics veterans Ant Williams and Andy Lanning that dive deep into the gnarly Slave Zero universe.

A bloody tale of revenge, Slave Zero X tells the story of Shou, a warrior who merges with a stolen Slave Unit Prototype, transforming into a vengeful Devil on a quest to eliminate a demagogue. With blades sharp and sweet, players will slice through the brutal forces of SovKhan, the iron-fisted and soul-rotted dictator of Megacity S1-9.

Ziggurat also revealed that players face one final challenge: SovKhan 300%. Following the completion of the Crimson Citadel game mode, confront SovKhan in his ultimate, omnipotent form, as originally envisioned by the game’s creators. SovKhan 300% is available from today on PC and consoles, rolling out to all territories as a free update patch.

Additionally, Slave Zero X expands its language support. Coinciding with the multi-platform console launch in Asia and Japan on April 11 (via BEEP!), a new language patch adds translations for the game’s subtitles and interface in Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Korean, and Thai is now accessible on all platforms.

Slash through a variety of gameplay modes in this proto-futuristic 2.5D dystopian world, unleashing devastating combos, and confronting waves of genetically enhanced biopunk enemies — all underscored by an electrifying synth soundtrack. Embody Shou’s relentless quest for retribution in this fierce, adrenaline-pumping title that will resonate with enthusiasts of games such as Devil May Cry, Strider, and Guilty Gear.

Key Features of Slave Zero X include:

  • KILLER COMBOS: Use swift swordplay, explosive ordnance, and stylish combos against an army of meat and metal.
  • DEATH FROM ABOVE: Air juggling, dashes, and frequent target switching allow you to take down foes of any size while wall-jumping and platforming can help you outmaneuver your enemies.
  • FIGHT FOR YOUR LIFE: Conquer mini-bosses, set pieces, and climactic 1-on-1 encounters that offer intense challenges against unforgettable villains.
  • STRENGTH IS NOTHING WITHOUT CONTROL: Use the Training Room to hone precise and powerful moves to string together devastating attack sequences.
  • BATTLE TO THE BEAT: A 90s-inspired soundtrack features heavy Drum’n’Bass and funky industrial music that adds to the thrill of combat.
  • FEAST YOUR EYES: A unique visual aesthetic combines nostalgic 2D sprites with an advanced lighting system and stylized 3D environments.
  • DUAL LANGUAGE: Fully voiced in English and Japanese with an all-star voice-acting cast.
  • COLLECTABLE SECRETS: Defeat hidden Gold Troopers throughout the game to collect lore drops that tell the game’s back story in Chronicle.
  • THE END IS NEVER THE END: After completing the campaign, further challenges await in the frenetic “Crimson Citadel” challenge tower – with an online high-score leaderboard – and an unhinged, ultra-hard battle with SovKhan in his ultimate form, a.k.a. “SovKhan 300%.”

Slave Zero X is available now on Nintendo Switch. It is also available on Steam, GOG, PlayStation 4|5, and Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. A physical version of the game is available now in Asia and Japan, and coming to Europe and The Americas on May 17.

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