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Symbol of Sacrifice, Official Announcement – Demo Out Now!

The newest visual novel on the block challenges the genre’s traditions with it’s unique gamplay and stylings.

Prepare yourself! Umbrella Labs has announced the release of the Symbol of Sacrifice demo today! Symbol of Sacrifice is an unforgettable adventure blending the best of the Witcher with Avatar the Last Airbender told through the clash between fantasy and sci-fi.

The journey begins with the first fully playable story arc available in the demo on Steam now!

Official Teaser #2 Demo Announcement

Short Summary

Symbol of Sacrifice (SOS) is High Fantasy Sci-Fi visual novel with a heavy jRPG inspiration driven by player choice that tells the tale of the epic clash between two civilizations in their desperate attempt at survival. Our story hones in on the humble beginnings of the cataclysm, in our heroes’ small village of Alezia, where we follow them through the tragedy that befalls their family and their journey towards redemption. During which a vital decision must be made. A sacrifice or a trade. The choice is entirely the players and will split the game into three unique storylines that have different encounters, locations, battles, endings, and more!

Symbol of Sacrifice Official Teaser Trailer
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