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Tactical Breach Wizards releases August 22nd, or they’ll have to redo this Release Date Trailer

Visionary new trailer dares to imagine a world in which the game actually comes out.

Suspicious Developments, the decreasingly efficient developers of Gunpoint and Heat Signature, today announced that their turn-based tactics game Tactical Breach Wizards will release on Steam August 22nd – a swift 6.8 years since the project began.

The date was revealed in a low growl during a new trailer for the game, debuting in the PC Gaming Show, which borrows Hollywood voice talent to lend the game’s flimsy premise an air of legitimacy. The trailer profiles key members of your team, including and limited to: the Navy Seer, the Freelance Storm Witch, the Necromedic and the Rebel Riot Priest.

Realising they were now describing in text what they spent considerable effort rendering in video, Suspicious Developments cut themselves short and just embedded it:

Tactical Breach Wizards: Release Date Trailer

Viewers who find themselves roused by these wizards and their unexpectedly modern antics may act on their urges immediately, as the first playable demo recently launched in the Steam Next Fest.

Unroused viewers may prefer to step warily back from these robed figures and continue to read words about them from a safe distance. The company will arrange these words below:

Tactical Breach Wizards is a turn-based tactics game in which you lead a team of renegade wizards in kevlar, as they unravel a modern conspiracy plot and/or find the most stylish way to punch a Traffic Warlock through a 4th story window.

It’s a single player, story-driven campaign of about 8-10 hours, in which you:

  • Combo spells for satisfying results: each of your wizards has a unique set of abilities, from a straightforward lightning bolt to transforming into a rabid dog. They’re designed to be fun by themselves, but combine in more ways than even we can figure out.
  • Experiment freely, rewind your mistakes: we let you freely rewind your turn, which means you can try every wild idea you have. It might work beautifully, fail spectacularly, or screw up in a way that gives you new ideas. Either way, you play it out in-game instead of scratching your head.
  • Fight the (various) power(s): your team are a motley crew of misfits on the wrong side of the law, fighting against the Rushwater PD and their Traffic Warlock, a religious dictatorship and their Riot Priests, and a private military corporation meddling with magic to enhance their troops.
  • Upgrade your spellbook: every ability for every wizard has a set of unique perks to unlock as they level up, tailoring their powers to your playstyle, and enabling even more ridiculous ways they can combo with each other.
  • Unravel a conspiracy, stop a war: as the enemy plot thickens, key players and their relationships are added to your conspiracy map to keep track of the important bits. You can delve deeper into the details, arrange them in a way that makes sense to you, and keep a visual overview of what’s going on.

It’s the third and final game in the tenuously connected Defenestration Trilogy, following on from Gunpoint and Heat Signature only in the sense that people can and will be propelled through windows by your actions.

Tactical Breach Wizards launches on Steam on August 22nd 2024, we believe we mentioned that. The trailer, demo, and devilishly tempting Wishlist button are all to be found on its Steam store page.

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