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Take Control Of A Bullet In Newly Unveiled Action Puzzle Platformer

Babsi Bullet mixes 2D-shooter action, light puzzle mechanics and a little metroidvania.

Team Marty are delighted to unveil their new action puzzle platformer, Babsi Bullet, with the game’s Steam page launched today. In Babsi Bullet, you take control of Babsi, half-twelve-year-old girl, half bullet. Through a mix of action, puzzling and a little metroidvania, you have to guide her through stages, taking out enemies and avoiding hazards on your way.

Firing in all directions like a gun-toting chimpanzee on steroids won’t cut it. You need to think about how heading for a certain target will position you, what obstacles may be in the way, and what that will mean for your next move. That means using each level’s design to your advantage if Babsi is to save the day.

Babsi Bullet features vibrant and colourful alien landscapes drawn in an appealing cartoon style. The game’s levels are populated by a diverse and strange looking collection of alien creatures, all presenting challenges for you to deal with. Those aliens are up to no good and it’s up to you and Babsi to put her powers to the test and thwart their plans.

Babsi Bullet – Gameplay Trailer
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