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Take justice into your own hands in The Vigilante Diaries during the Steam Next Fest

From the studio behind Call of the Sea and American Arcadia comes its darker work.

The Vigilante Diaries, the narrative game by the creators of Call of the Sea and American Arcadia where you’ll put yourself in the shoes of a masked vigilante that takes justice into his own hands, joins the Steam Next Fest with a Demo, now available, and Live streamings.

In the demo you’ll be able to meet the vigilante and learn more about his motives to start fighting crime through his own means by reading his journal, where you’ll find an account of his struggles and make choices that will affect his story.

Recap the life of a man who has lost it all and, after seeing how his city has become ravaged by crime and corruption, has decided to take action on his own. What he fights for and what he stands for is entirely up to you and will depend on your choices!

The game can be added to your Steam wishlist now, and it will launch later this year.


After two tours of duty in the Vietnam War, a working-class man returns to his hometown, to face a city now ravaged by crime, corruption, and social inequality. In this situation, there is only one way out for a lonely and desperate man…

…taking justice into his own hands.

In The Vigilante Diaries, players will recap the life of a masked vigilante and define not only his appearance, but his rules, methods, and red lines: Will you be a chivalrous crimefighter or a fearsome and ruthless avenger? Will you prioritize protecting the innocent or will your crusade for justice come before everything and everyone? It’s up to you to decide.

Throughout the vigilante’s Journal, you will be faced with choices in a raw account of the struggles, hardships, and pivotal moments of a working-class man that shaped their path until becoming a masked vigilante, and the events that took place after. You can customize your alter ego’s name, and your appearance, and even set your red lines as a crime fighter.

The Vigilante’s Hideout

As the Vigilante, you will be monitoring police radio calls, listening to TV news, and even solving complex riddles sent by a serial killer.

In specific moments, you’ll have to search for pieces of information displayed in the hideout, which will be essential to correctly deduct how to act in some situations in the Journal and to make the right choice.

You are not a role model. Not a hero. Maybe you can even become a villain. It all depends on you.

In The Vigilante Diaries, every action has a political meaning: you can fight for equality, rights, and justice. You can fight for order and law. You can be a non-lethal crime fighter or the exact opposite. In any case, there’s one thing certain…

…this city is afraid of you.

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