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Take to the Seas in Besiege Expansion, The Splintered Sea, Coming May 24

The Splintered Sea takes Besiege from land to sea, introducing new mechanics and maps to the timeless favorite.

Spiderling Studios, the studio behind the acclaimed title Besiege, is thrilled to announce a new expansion to their physics-based builder. Venture into uncharted waters, face new challenges, and unleash aquatic mayhem in The Splintered Sea, a Besiege expansion available on Steam on May 24th.

Head to the High Seas
Enriching the original game’s experience, Besiege: The Splintered Sea offers a new expansion to the popular physics-based builder. In The Splintered Sea, players battle through a 10-level oceanic campaign, introducing new block types to bring more chaos to the high seas. Using elements of hydrodynamics, this expansion challenges players to explore new builds capable of above-water combat and undersea exploration. Test your creations in the expansion’s new sandbox, which sees players sailing through a vast archipelago, exploring ancient ruins, and putting their engineering to the test on water courses. Using The Splintered Sea’s eight new aquatic blocks, you can spread your destruction across land and sea!

A Fan Favorite
Launched in Ver. 1.0 in 2020, Besiege continues to reign in the builder genre. Using an intuitive building system, players can construct war machines to destroy villages, annihilate armies, and obliterate castles. With over 70 building blocks available, players can achieve success or epic failure through the limitless creativity of their machine designs. Conquer Besiege’s 55 single-player campaign levels, spanning four island nations ripe for conquest. Players can test their builds in an expansive sandbox environment; once you’re ready, enter the Besiege Multiverse, a multiplayer experience that supports head-to-head combat, intricate puzzle solving, and cooperative conquering.

Gameplay Features:

  • Oceanic Campaign Challenges: Dive into ten new water-themed campaign levels, pitting your creations against your enemy’s formidable fleet and treacherous sea creatures.
  • Building Aquatic Machines: Harness the power of 8 new blocks specially designed for maritime madness, including floats for buoyancy, a rudder for improved steering, a harpoon launcher for engaging enemies, and more.
  • Immersive Water Simulation: Play with hydrodynamics, including shape-dependent drag, density-based buoyancy, and higher-speed impacts, offering a realistic and engaging aquatic building experience.
  • Brand New Sandbox: Explore a rugged archipelago, challenge mighty galleons, terrorize local fishermen, and navigate treacherous waters in a sandbox built specifically for The Splintered Sea.
  • Multiplayer Madness: Engage in multiplayer combat with friends, create custom levels with the in-game editor, and unleash chaos in Besiege’s water-filled arenas.

Besiege: The Splintered Sea launches May 24th on Steam. An expansion bundle will be available for new players to purchase, and players who own Besiege can purchase the expansion separately.

Besiege: The Splintered Sea (Announcement Trailer)
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