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Tank Operations: European Campaign Leaves Early Access on Steam Today

Video game publisher 2tainment and independent game developer Linked Dimensions announce that Tank Operations: European Campaign is leaving Early Access on Steam today. The game was Initially released in Early Access on Steam in August 2019, with very positive reviews.

The aim is to consistently provide updates until version 1.0 is achieved, with a focus on gradual level-by-level development to ensure balanced challenges. Common minor bugs will be addressed, additional language translations will be explored, gameplay will be enhanced, and Steam Achievements will be introduced. Importantly, there is eagerness to integrate community feedback, with an invitation for players to share their suggestions on the Steam discussion board.

Tank Operation: European Campaign is a turn-based tactical war game set in World War II, offering a dozen historically accurate scenarios across various battlefields with over 50 authentic military units.

Players take on the role of an American general leading tanks across Europe and Northern Africa, strategically aiming to defeat the Wehrmacht and halt the Third Reich’s campaign of destruction.

The game features classic turn-based gameplay, historically correct theatres of war, multiple scenarios, authentic military units, and tactical warfare elements such as building capture and unit specialization.

It draws inspiration from games like Panzer Corps, Panzer General, Xcom, Wargroove, and Sid Meier’s Civilization, while expressing appreciation for Steel Division 2 and Panzer Strategy.


  • Historical Setting: Experience historically correct theatres of war, from the allies’ invasion of Northwest Africa and Southern Italy to the liberation of Paris and the final battle for Berlin.
  • Classic Turn-Based Gameplay: Engaging and intense – feel the heavy burden of war on your shoulders and prepare your troops for the AI’s onslaught.
  • Several Theatres of War: 12 historical scenarios will put your combat skills to the test.
  • Authentic Military Units: 50+ authentic combat and support units, based on real-world tanks, planes, and infantry.
  • Tactical Warfare: Capture buildings, hide your unites or use other special skills.
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