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Tavern Manager Simulator Demo is available on Steam

Small Indie developer One More Time Studio invites you to test your ability to run the Tavern. Can you make it the most renowned in the kingdom?

A bustling yet cozy tavern is an essential element of any fantasy tale. But now you can take on the role of its owner and make it exactly as you like in Tavern Manager Simulator.

Start with a rundown establishment, fix it up, add decorations, cook food, and invite the first visitors. Can you survive at least one day in the Tavern? To help you learn and experience the core mechanics of the game, we’ve released a demo version on Steam.

Tavern Manager Simulator Demo

Key Features:

  • Restoration and Improvement: Start with a dilapidated building and turn it into a cozy place for all kingdom residents.
  • Cooking: Choose ingredients, prepare various culinary masterpieces, and improve your cooking skills.
  • Customer Service: Fulfill customer requests, maintain cleanliness and order in the tavern to earn more trust and tips.
  • Development and Expansion: Invest earned money in improving the tavern, adding new decor items and attributes to attract even more visitors.
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