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Team Derelict announce DROSS Demo Update 0.7.6 and Steam Deckbuilders Festival Inclusion

Team Derelict are excited to announce that DROSS Demo 0.7.6 is now live on Steam. You can catch up on the extensive list of patch notes and new content here. In addition to the new demo, DROSS will also be part of the Steam Deckbuilders Festival.

DROSS is an FPS Roguelike set in a derelict facility infested with alien bugs. Travel a procedurally generated world, get powerful weapons and equipment, and upgrade your gear to survive. Fight the Dross, discover and destroy the infestation, and uncover the secrets of this mysterious installation.

You wake up, crashed onto a barren planet. Around you there is nothing but hostile wasteland, battered by wicked wind and storm. There is a lone outpost barely visible nearby. Crawling slowly, with oxygen low, you finally reach the open entrance. Within the doorway a ramp seems to lead down into an underground facility. You decide you must enter this facility and hope to find a way to escape this wretched place but you aren’t alone…The Dross are here with you.

Immersive Combat
Sneak around your enemies to minimize contact with stealth and subterfuge utilizing traps or door access or fight head on and aggressively utilizing heavy weapons and explosives to purge the infestation at its root. The Dross respond to your tactics and react accordingly.

Deep Customization
Pistols, rifles, shotguns, heavy weapons, and explosives complement your arsenal against the Dross. Upgrade your suit, weapons, and tools to help you fight the way you want.

Roguelike Procedural Generation
No two runs are the same, every delve into the installation uncovers new paths and secrets for you to discover as you make your way to the core.

Uncover The Truth
Uncover the secret of the facility, discover why you ended up on this planet and how the Dross have come to infest it. Only by reaching the reactor at the core of the complex can you reveal the dark secrets hidden within and assist your trusty companion Vanth.

DROSS can be added to your Steam wishlist now.

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