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Team Up for the Ultimate Co-op Pub Crawl in ‘Brews & Bastards’ on PC in Spring 2024

Brews & Bastards, the co-op dungeon crawler with magical brews and drunken demons from developer Mune Studio, stumbles into the vast underbelly of Muneshine Tavern on PC via Steam in Spring 2024, and pregames with its first Steam demo, available now on PC ahead of February Steam Next Fest. The game will hit the bars on consoles at a later date.

Embark on an intoxicating quest to recover the enchanted Brew Stone from thieving demons and return endless alcohol to the masses! Navigate the unfathomably large dungeons beneath Muneshine Tavern solo or with a party of up to 4 dubious heroes wielding liquor-charged weapons. Take on this most urgent mission and become the bar’s most pie-eyed legend!

Tipsy monsters, tricky traps, and larger-than-life bar games line the maze of cellars, distilleries, and ancient depths in the tavern’s basement. Shoot cork bullets, drop big ass statues (literally!), throw Molotovs, and more at inebriated imps, goblins, and possessed jelly shots standing in the way. Step up to massive bosses in even bigger arenas and take part in supercharged tavern games.

Bounce through some giant-sized beer pong and take aim in a game of darts against boozy bosses to gather clues to the Stone’s hidden location. Find strength in numbers and take on this valiant mission with a party of up to four challengers in local co-op, or get rowdy with some beerific buddies from far away through Steam Remote Play Together!

Choose between a handful of adventurers, each with their own playstyle, weapons, and abilities. Mix and match with each run to create the ultimate demon-dusting squad fit to out-drink anyone, or anything! When the rooms, encounters, and traps differ with each run, the good spirits never have to end.

Brews & Bastards’ first Steam demo is now available for PC as a part of Steam Next Fest and will take on the tavern on PC via Steam later this year.

Brews & Bastards – Steam Next Fest Trailer
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