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TFC: The Fertile Crescent Bronze Age RTS Exits Early Access and Launches 1.0 on June 13, 2024

Wield Interactive, an independent game development studio, supported by the Queensland Government through Screen Queensland’s Games Grant, is thrilled to announce that TFC: The Fertile Crescent, our highly anticipated real-time strategy game (RTS) set in the Bronze Age, will officially leave Early Access and launch its full version (1.0) on June 13, 2024. The game will be available for Windows, Linux, and Mac on Steam.

To celebrate this milestone, we have released an announcement trailer that tells the story of the culmination of our seven-year journey, leading to the completion of our dream RTS game and its upcoming 1.0 release. The trailer interweaves these personal and passionate moments with exciting snippets of gameplay, ending with the reveal of the official launch date:

TFC 1.0 Announcement Trailer

After a period of rigorous development and invaluable feedback from our dedicated community, TFC has been refined and expanded to deliver an immersive and strategic experience that captures the essence of Bronze Age civilization. Players can expect a polished and enriched gameplay experience featuring new content and enhanced mechanics.

Key Features of TFC 1.0:

  • Strategic Options From The Beginning: Inspired by the giants of the genre, TFC looks to expand on the mechanics of classic RTS in interesting ways, giving you several strategies to explore from the very beginning of a match.
  • Authentic Bronze Age Setting: Settle your people in the Ancient Age, where everyone starts on equal footing. As you advance, a pivotal moment awaits: choose one of three legendary Bronze Age civilizations to lead your people to glory!
  • Expanded Content: Experience the new Campaign Mode, as well as new units, technologies, map types and more, offering hours of additional gameplay.
  • Improved Mechanics and UI: Enjoy a smoother and more intuitive gaming experience with updated interfaces and refined game mechanics.
  • Community-Driven Enhancements: Benefit from numerous tweaks and improvements based on player feedback during the Early Access phase.
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