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The Cauldron Kids, a Short Narrative Adventure, is Out Now on Steam!

Pet Golem Games is very excited to announce that their studio’s first game, The Cauldron Kids, is out now on Steam and itch!

You’re a 6 years old witch and today, you’re home alone: turn the house upside-down, play games with your sister, race to other dimensions and bewitch your plushie!

The Cauldron Kids is a pixel art short narrative RPG about two kid witches on their way to magical mischief and plushie bewitching, combining quirky and sweet dialogues and minigames. Featuring the small and cozy chalet the characters live in, players discover soon that the Cauldron Kids’ home is full of magical and playful surprises.

The Cauldron Kids: The Summoning of Mr Vermicelli | Release Date Trailer

Features include

  • Pick your twin! Will you play as Cassie, the chaotic and clumsy sister, or as Layla, the rational mastermind? Each twin comes with her own completely original set of dialogues and a tailored color-coded hat.
  • Embark on a silly and heartwarming journey to steal your mom’s wand and cast a spell on your frog plushie. What could possibly go wrong?
  • Explore a magical house full of minigames: bounce off the giant staircase, race across a non-euclidian kitchen and open doors to galactic voids.
  • Your best friend is a pig.
  • Beautiful pixel art made with love.
  • Retro, SNES-inspired soundtrack.
  • Controller support & accessibility options.
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